Mitsuki Wallpapers: 13 Mitsuki Sage Mode Wallpapers For iPhone, Android and Desktop!

Mitsuki has been on a roll lately. From saving Boruto during the attack of Otsutsuki to leaving the village. We don’t know the real reason why Mitsuki left the village, but hopefully can learn more about it in the future.

The kid is a genius in terms of both ninjutsu and taijutsu but the one thing that he’s confused about is his identity.

Mitsuki was originally created by Orochimaru while experimenting with different cells. In addition to that he has an elder brother, Log who is expected be the one of the villains in series.

In addition to that Mitsuki is a highly skilled shinobi, in addition to the regular taijutsu skills he can use sage mode. A glimpse of which we saw during the Otsutsuki arc.

But things are seemingly difficult for Mitsuki as he’s not sure whether his emotions are controlled or whether they’re from deep within. Basically he’s worried about Orochimaru manipulating.


Mitsuki iPhone Wallpapers

Mitsuki wallpaper iphone

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