8 Miss Hammurabi Quotes Absolutely Worth Sharing

These are some of the best Miss Hammurabi Quotes

  1. Human dignity stems from our ability to take responsibility for our actions. But the society, which abandons the powerless in a rut, what is it responsible for?
  2. Perhaps that’s what poverty is. It’s close to use, but it’s invisible to those who aren’t poor.
  3. What’s finished is easily forgotten, while what’s unfinished is remembered for a long time
  4. When you really want to understand somebody, you have to think from that person’s perspective. In other words, you must put yourself in that person’s shoes and really become that person.
  5. Between a tall wall and an egg that tries to break the wall, I’ll stand on the egg’s side
  6. Even if you don’t share the same blood, you can be family. Even if you share the same blood, you can be strangers. Is that how humans are?
  7. When people go through difficulties together, they become family. A real family
  8. If we can’t stop the pouring rain, let’s get soaked in it together.

Miss Hammurabi Quotes

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