10 Kickass Facts About Minato Namikaze Absolutely Worth Knowing!

Minato Facts

The Yellow Flash, the name itslef had such an impact on enemy nations that the shinobi’s were asked to flee on sight. Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage is surely one of the fastest and most agile shinobi ever born, not only was he great tactician he was a man of great intellect as well.

Stories, aside how much do you actually know about Minato Namikaze? After bringing up facts on Hashirama Senju, Itachi Uchiha, Kurenai Yuri and Sasuke Uchiha, we thought Minato was the perfect man to add to the list. Let’s start with his name-

The meaning of the name Minato

#1 The name Minato means Harbour, while his clan name Namikaze means waves and wind.

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