Memories Of The Alhambra Soundtrack

It’s been over a month since Memories of The Alhambra started. The series tried to pulled out what seemed like Korean Sword Art Online, all in all it’s good but many things could have been improved. Especially the chemistry between the main characters. Despite, all this there’s one thing which has been top notch right from the first episode, the soundtrack of Memories of Alhambra.

So, I decided to make a post on it considering how many people have been asking for it all this time.

Loco & U Seungeun




Memories of Alhambra Theme – Francisco Tárrega

The story is good, but it lacks lusture. In my opinion, the series could’ve been polished a bit before releasing it on Netflix. So many things could’ve been made better. For instance the scene when he breaks into the shape. He did it like it’s nothing. For starters, he was in another country, and he just cannot go about breaking things even if he had a million dollars in his pocket. So, there’s a lot that could have been made better. But for now, let’s enjoy the drama.

I hope I was able to help you guys out. If you have any more requests do let me know about it. Also, do check out some of the amazing Memories Of the Alhambra Wallpapers I recently shared.

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