Memories of the Alhambra Review: The Korean Sword Art Online (SAO)

After being recommended by Alfred, I finally decided to check out this so called top of the draw Korean drama. But half way through the first episode, I had more or less figured out that it was a cheap rip off the popular Japanese anime Sword Art Online. Memories of the Alhambra is similar to sword art online in every bit you can imagine.

sword art online wallpaper 4k

  1. The story is based on an alternate reality where people battle other users and NPC’s. The only difference between Sword Art Online and Memories of the alhambra is that, in the latter is an augmented reality game whereas the former is a virtual reality game.
  2. By the end of the fourth episode, you see one of the characters in the show dieing after he was defeated by Hyun Bin. Similar to sword art online, if you die in the game, you die in real life. This is probably the biggest rip off in the entire series.
  3. The female lead is strong character with a fragile heart. In Sword Art Online, Asuna was initially bitter but later on was all over Kirito. The same can be said of Park Shin-Hye, initially she roasts the shit out of Hyun-Bin only to be obsessed with him head to tail.

These were probably the biggest rip offs, I bet you’ll find more of these as the show proceeds. Despite that, the drama does come with good music and awesome characters. The biggest highlight of the entire show was the location, which added the much needed spark. The show is currently running on a weekly basis on Netflix.

If you have already watched the drama, what are your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!


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