Meliodas’s Betrayel: Why did meliodas betray the demon clan?

Less than a month ago, the season 2 of Nanatzu no Taizai came to an end with lot of unanswered questions. Of them the biggest question was ‘why did meliodas betray the demon clan’? A clan which was feared and revered for their powers. Not to forget Meliodas was their central figure was expected to be the next demon king, yet he chose to betray his comrades or maybe not. Let’s dig a little deeper.

seven deadly sins wallpaper

As humans, we all have sins. In fact, there’s a sin in each of us. It’s because we are human. On the surface, the seven deadly sins appear philosophical but underneath it’s the story about heroes finding their lost sins, just like a classic 80’s adventure. Before venturing any further, let’s dig a little deeper into the history of the demon clan.

The History Of the Demon Clan

The demons, one of the most powerful clans waged a war against the godess clan 3000 years ago. The Godess clan along with Fairy Clan, Giant Clan and humans sealed the eternal coffin of darkness for many years.

Despite this, few demons managed to escape from the seal including Fraudrin( the one who took over Dreyfus’s body). The demons who escaped were continuously looking for ways to capture Britannia. But things take a different route when the rest of the commandment are resurrected.

Why did Meliodas destroy Danafor?

Meliodas destroyed Danafor using his wrath after he lost Liz. The love of his life died in front of him, seeing which he lost his cool and the darkness in him spread like a fire throughout the kingdom, thus destroying the country. The kingdom was once equal to the Liones in terms of power before it was destroyed by the Meliodas of the seven deadly sins.

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