What is the meaning of Sleigh Beggy?

Hatori Chise was ostracised by the society for her weird and unconventional behaviour which made no sense to general beings. What followed was a life of despair and self loathing until Elias Ainsworth bought her off an auction for a whooping price of 5 million pounds. But why? For just one reason, because she is a sleigh beggy. What’s a sleigh beggy and what does it mean for Chise? Let’s go on a curiousity vovage into the world of manga and mystery.

In the manga, the term slay vega is used instead of sleigh beggy. While the former certainly sounds cooler and easier to spell, the latter is the more accurate one. In the Manx language, sleigh beggy is a term used to describe a fairy which originally inhabited the isle of the man.

It literally means, “little people” kinda like the equivalent of fairy in English.

sleigh beggy

In Chise’s use case, the term is used to make her stand out. In layman terms, it means she is an extraordinary and rare individual.So while, the scalnator’s intended meaning for “Slay Vega” may have been THE DEAREST CHILD OF NIGHT , it’s actual meaning to English speakers is to kill a star.

It’s one of the very few anime which has deep detail embedded in every aspect of the story and character. What makes it even more worthwhile watching is the development of the main character Chise. She went from giving up her life to conquering it, step by step with the help of Einsworth.

Even though Einsworth is quite the magnus, he is a seen in a negative light by a small portion of the anime community. Calling him pedo and so on, but if you look at things from that perspective, even the relationship between Hiyori and Yato is also about 1000 years. Everyone is open to their views, and I’d rather enjoy the anime in a positive light rather look at things from another angle which I can’t even imagine.

On a side note, I wish Mahoutsukai No Yome gets a second season,as I don’t want it to end on a cliff hanger like most anime do.

What do you guys think of Mahoutsukai no Yome? Did you enjoy it? If Yes, drop a comment below on what you think of it. Have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer it in the comments section below.




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