8 Manga That Deserve Anime Adaptations

8 Manga That Deserve Anime Adaptations

There is no shortage of amazing manga that deserves to have an anime adaptation! While we know some manga that will never get adapted due to either their mangaka preventing it from happening or a lack of studio interest, these works could be different.

Here are some manga that really should get an anime, and in a perfect world, we’re hoping that their run status doesn’t play a factor (let us dream).


1. Grand Blue

Mangaka: Kenji Inoue (writer) / Kimitake Yoshioka (artist)Genre: Comedy / Drama / Ecchi / Romance / Slice of Life

Volumes: 8 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: Kitahara Iori is excited to begin his college live in Izu city, which is near they beautiful ocean. He moves into his uncle’s story, Grand Blue, but his idle dreams are quickly shattered after being forced to join his college’s dive club. Instead of diving, the co-ed members only seem interested in drinking and having sex. Help from a new friend and cousin might be enough for Iori to survive his college days.


2. Bloody Monday

Mangaka: Ryumon Ryo (writer) / Megumi Kouji (artist)

Genre: Horror / Mystery / Psychological Thriller / Science Fiction

Volumes: 11 (season 1 / finished) + 8 (season 2 / finished) + 4 (season 3 / finished)

Quick pitch: A Russian spy is found murdered in Japan, which catches the attention of Third-I, which is a secret Japanese inspection group. They contact Fujimaru Takagi, a brilliant hacker and high school student, to decode a chip that was found on the dead spy. A video documenting a deadly virus outbreak was discovered and there are fears that a similar attack may strike Japan.

However, Takagi doesn’t know who to trust with his hacking skills. His father, an official within Third-I, is accused of murder and a terrorist has infiltrated Takagi’s school. As he gathers more information on the virus attack in Russia, Takagi discovers the existence of a strange cult.


3. 7 Seeds

Mangaka: Yumi Tamura

Genre: Action / Adventure / Post-Apocalyptic

Volumes: 33 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: In the near future, a meteor collides with Earth and wipes out all living organisms. However, a counter-measure called “7 Seeds” was enacted before the impact. Each country selected seven young and healthy people and put them to cryogenic sleep. When conditions on Earth becomes safe again, they would wake up and start new life. Japan’s “Summer Team B” wakes up and face strange new situations as evolution restarts itself.


4. Doubt

Mangaka: Yoshiki Tonogai

Genre: Horror / Mystery / Psychological Thriller

Volumes: 4 (finished)

Quick pitch: Yuu Aikawa spends his free time playing a cellphone game called “Rabbit Doubt” with his friends. In the game, players are a group of rabbits, but there is a wolf among them. The group must discover the wolf before it kills them one-by-one.

One day, Yuu is attacked by a man wearing a rabbit mask. Yuu wakes up to discover that he and his friends are trapped in an abandoned psychiatric hospital and are being forced to play a real-life version of “Rabbit Doubt.”


5. Red River

Mangaka: Chie Shinohara

Genre: Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Historical / Romance

Volumes: 28 (finished)

Quick pitch: 15-year-old Yuri Suzuki is magically summoned to the Hittite Empire in ancient Anatolia. Queen Nakia plans on using Yuri as a human sacrifice to place a curse upon the princes of the Empire, leaving Nakia’s son as the sole heir to the throne. Prince Kail manages to save Yuri and takes her in as a concubine with hopes of transporting Yuri back to her home. But, Yuri quickly finds herself embroiled in political schemes as people begin to revere her as an incarnation of the goddess Ishtar.


6. Übel Blatt

Mangaka: Etorouji Shiono

Genre: Action / Adventure / Dark Fantasy

Volumes: 19 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: When Wischtech threatened to invade the Empire of Szaalenden, the emperor sent 14 champions to combat the Wischtech forces. However, only 7 managed to survive and halt the invaded forces, and they were celebrated as heroes.

20 years later, the “Lances of Betrayal” (named after the four traitors) appear near the frontier and threaten to cause chaos. However, they were defeated by a mysterious boy named Koinzell, but his ultimate goal is to kill the Seven Heroes from the past war.


7. A Bride’s Story

Mangaka: Kaoru Mori

Genre: Drama / Historical / Romance / Slice of Life

Volumes: 8 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: Set in 19th Century Asia, Amir is a 20-year-old woman sent another village to marry a young boy named Karluk. Initially shocked that Karluk is 12-years old, she is overcome with worry as Russia starts expanding south, cause political unrest.


8. Perfect World

Mangaka: Rei Aruga

Genre: Drama / Romance / Slice of Life

Volumes: 4 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: Kawana Tsugumi works as an interior designer and goes to a drinking party at a client’s office. There, she meets a handsome man named Ayukawa Itsuki. Kawana initially thinks he is shy and stays sitting all night, but she learns that he is in a wheelchair after observing Ayukawa leaving the party.

What manga series deserves anime adaptation?

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