Manga About Hawaiian Surfers & a Japanese Man Will Melt Your Heart

If you are looking for a manga to read with your family, then

this is perfect.

Do you think about how your interactions with a stranger could affect their life? Could a simple act of kindness really alter a person’s world view? It’s not like life is some fluffy fairy tale…or is it?

A simple web manga has been going viral and it’s been hitting readers right in the heart. Illustrator Kiyomaro wrote a 16-panel manga about her elderly uncle’s trip to Hawaii and how two young men made an impact on his life.Be warned, the story will melt your heart. Below is a brief summary of Kiyomaro’s manga.

One winter, Kiyomaro’s uncle slipped and broke his neck, which left his legs paralyzed. After two years of physical therapy, her uncle regained enough strength to visit Hawaii to see the beaches of Waikiki:


Two young men approached her uncle, accidentally startling him as he revealed that he has no money. The two men were unfazed and asked if he wanted to go swimming. Since Kiyomaro’s uncle spoke English, he was able to tell the two men his story.

The two men were still persistent in asking if the uncle wanted to swim. After revealed that he would love to if he wasn’t paralyzed, the two men carried him into the ocean and acted like human-lifejackets:


After having fun swimming, the two men placed Kiyomaro’s uncle back in his wheelchair. He was surprised that they weren’t going to charge him and felt guilty for the assumption.

However, the uncle was stunned after the two men thanked him and that is was their pleasure to have swum with him. Searching for an answer, they explained that they were treating him how they would want to be treated if they were in his position:


Kiyomaro reveals that her uncle traveled to Hawaii because he was diagnosed with a serious illness following his injury. He wanted to see the Hawaiian sands one last time and ended up with one of the happiest memories of his life.

Kiyomaro shares that her uncle would tell the Waikiki story up until his passing and that he was full of love even while staying in the hospital. The uncle had a peaceful expression the day he passed, and she likes to think that he was dreaming of that encounter at the time.

Kiyomaro ends the manga stating that doesn’t know who the two men were, but that she would love to thank them for bringing joy to her uncle’s final days.

You can see more of Kiyomaro’s work on Twitter, much of it is cute slice-of-life stories that will fill you with the fuzzies.

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