Mafumafu Inochi ni Kirawarete Iru Lyrics English

Mafumafu Inochi ni Kirawarete Iru Lyrics English

“Don’t ever say that you want to drop.”
“Live through your whole
life without giving up”
How stupid of us it is to say songs
like that speak the whole truth.
In all honesty, I couldn’t
care a bit if I died.
But I’d be kind of upset
if the ones I love did.
“I wouldn’t like to see
that happen to my friends”
My ego tells me so.
I won’t care if someone I
don’t know will die or not.
Hating other people
seemingly is fashion now.

But for all of us to live
peacefully together?
How wonderful oh, that would be.
Yet another person on the
other side of a screen dies.
Lamenting over a gloomy song
that someone else cries.
Then here comes the little
boy who’s been persuaded.
Knife in hand, and he’s gone now!
Every single one of us
is hated by life itself.
Pushing forward all our
values and egos by ourself.
We so very simply broadcast
over the radio waves,
Songs about how we want
to kill someone else.
Every single one of us
is hated by life itself.
All of us who easily say
that we just want to die,
And all those who look
at life so carelessly,
All of us are despised
by life its ownself
Once again I’m left without a penny.
So I’ll sing songs that will
not make me feel so much pity.
I still have no idea what
is the point of life.
So I guess that life is
pointless and I take a breath.

Can I use the phrase
“That I’m so lonely”
to express the distress that has
caused me so much damn pain?
All I have is determination,
yet I stay alone,
sleeping in my own bed.
All of us who started life as a youth,
Will one day start to
change into a young adult.
We’ll grow old and rot
like leaves as a result.
No one in the whole world
will know that we even lived.
With the ability to
live for an eternity.

Living our whole lives
out without ever dying.
All of this is just my SF daydreaming.
And once again, I couldn’t
care less if I die.
But all the people who love
me have to say otherwise.
Living through my life with
such contradictions on my back.
I think I might get attacked.
“The objects that were made
‘right’, have always been ‘right’.”
“If you don’t want to die,
then why don’t you survive?”
It’s fine that we are all
going to end up depressed so,
You gotta laugh it off alone right?
Every single one of us
is hated by life itself.\

None of us can understand
joy by ourselves.
We all hate the hand that
life went ahead and gave us,
Yet all we do is curse
our own damn pasts
Every single one of us
is hated by life itself.
Those who use the word “goodbye”
more often than they should.
Those who don’t understand the
meaning of a true goodbye.
All of us are despised
by life its ownself
Our farewells,
And friendship.

They are all things that
one can buy with money,
Within jokes that were
made by our dumb dreams.
Can’t you see that I’ll
soon cease to exist now?
Everything we’ve done seems
to have been pointless now.
The sun falls,
The moon falls,
The rain falls.
The leaves fall.

A never ending cycle,
someone else already died.
I don’t need
Any dreams
Or my own tomorrow.
If you have lived your own life
then that’s all I really need.
That’s right.
That’s really,
What I’ve wanted to sing about!
Every single one of us
is hated by life itself.
We’ll all be gone in the end anyway.
Yeah you will too,
Even I will,
One day all of us will
decay like fallen leaves.
Yet even still, all of us
continue to live in fear.
Here we are protecting our
lives, we’ll still live in fear.
I’m maintaining.
Living on.

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