Last Kingdom Season 4 Quotes

#11 Courage without the sword is the more difficult path.It must, in time, become the only path.

uhtred quotes

#12 My plea is for a fight to the death. Me against the arseling.

uhtred quotes

#13 Not every sword stroke is a kill! A kill is something you must fashion.

uhtred quotes

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The last kingdom is one of the best historical series I’ve ever seen. It has everything, war, history, amazing characters, and not to forget deep sinful music. The show is very similar to Marco Polo, but has improved on lots of aspects like the depth provided. If you haven’t already watched the show I highly recommend it. If you still aren’t sold, I will give you five good reasons on why you should watch.

  • Based on Bernad Cornwall’s books, the series has an amazing storyline based on real events. Right from the lives of the vikings to the great king Alfred who coined the modern England. As a person who had very little knowledge on European  history, the show was an eye opener for me. If you too, don’t know much about England’s history, this series is a must watch.
  • The music will leave you speechless. Composed by Eivor and John Lunn, the background score is nearly perfect for each and every scene. The music adds amazing depth and feelings to each and every moment, something very few shows have been able to replicate on a repeated basis. The music alone will pull you for seasons together.
  • The courage of Uhtred. He had a horrible childhood, with his parents being killed by his own adopters, he was also abandoned by his uncle and dethroned, despite the hurdles, he keeps on moving from one place to another like a tiger, fearing none. He is a tiger, a fearless tiger, true to his heart who goes behind what is truly right. This is something we all should learn from Uhtred.
  • The last kingdom sheds light on how difficult life was in the previous centuries. If it wasn’t for our forefathers, we would be no where. We would have died by some disease, maybe robbed or even jailed for no apparent reason. It makes us thankful for the life we have now.
  • Extra ordinary actors. Right from Alfred to Aelswith, everyone is undoubtedly the best suited for the role. Aelswith in particular is one of the most hated characters and it wouldn’t have been possible without her acting as she nailed it.

I hope I was able to convince you to watch the show. I will be adding more last kingdom quotes in the future for sure.


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