La Casa De Papel Season 4 Release Date, Future Plot and More

The cast for season 4 has not been confirmed, but here’s the cast for La Casa De Papel season 3. Considering previous deaths, it is expected that the season 4 will follow a similar path.

Role Actor/Actress Where have I seen them?
Tokio Ursula Corbero Physical or Chemical, Anclados, Snatch
Raquel Murillo Itzair Ituno Flowers, El Final de la noche, Lasa y Zabala
El Professor Alvaro Morte Planta 25, Mirage, Bandelora
Nairobi Alba Flores Locked Up, The Time in Between, The Memory of Water
Rio Miguel Herran Nothing in Return, Byron, Elite
Denver Jaime Lorente Everybody Knows, Elite, Gun City
Monica Gaztambide Esther Acebo Los encantados, Madrid DF, Antes de perder
Arturo Roman Enrique Arce Knightfall, A Long Way Down, Beyond Re-Animator
Helsinki Darko Peric Mar de plastico, A Perfect Day, Ahora o nunca

While Alvaro Morte, Ursula Corbero and others will be there, it’ll be interesting to see how they plan on bringing Pedro Alsono back into the game in Money Heist season 3. The character of Berlin died at the end of season 2, but did he? We don’t know for sure, as he’s seen in the promos of season 3. If he does come back, it’ll be one heck of a series as he’s a fan favorite.

When will season 4 of Money Heist release on Netflix?

As of now, there’s no news on when the season 4 of La Casa De Papel is coming out. But we can surely expect it in the second half of 2020 considering the fact that the filming for the show has already begun.

How many episodes will Money Heist Season 4 have?

As of now there’s no news on the number of episodes, but we’ll keep you updated when the news is out. Season 3 of La Casa De Papel has 8 episodes, each 40-50 minutes long.

What to expect from La Casa De Papel season 4?

The season 3 of La Casa De Papel is based on Countering the forces. The season 4 of La Casa De Papel will most likely be a continuation of the story, as the shooting has already begun.

Trailer of La Casa De Papel Season 3

On a personal note, La Casa De Papel is among the top five of my favorite shows. I enjoyed how the story played out from start to finish with the Professor giving the cops a run for their money. To add to it, the explosiveness of Tokyo gave the show the ultimate boost, not to forget Denver. I wanted more of it, but for now I’m managing it by watching other shows like Elite where the cast is pretty much the same.

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One thing I’m worried about though is the show losing it’s charm in the third season. The first two seasons were too good.The standards are too high for the third season, so there’s a lot of pressure for them to deliver. But then again, it’s Netflix. They’re the masters of awesome shows. They know how to create world class series no matter what the genre, so I hope to see more of it soon enough.


13 La Casa De Papel Quotes To Kickstart Your Day!

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