korean drama with genius female lead

korean drama with genius female lead

I got this question this week.

Hey, I was looking for a kdrama with genius female lead. Can you tell me which one to watch. Something like Akatsuki no Yona in anime would be nice. Do you have anything on top of your mind.

Here’s an old recommendation, I saved. I hope it helps you choose the right drama-

List of korean drama with genius female lead-

  1. Jang Nara: I loved Cha Ji An from Hello Monster because she holds her own in a drama full of guys, her character is a partner to the male lead rather than a damsel in distress. Basically she is cool and kick ass. Jang Nara plays a couple of great female leads actually – Fated to Love You her character was strong in her own way and similar for Last Empress and Go Back Couple.

  2. Kim Hye Soo: She doesn’t do that many dramas but Signal definitely has a strong female lead as well. Same as above in holding her own vs male counterparts.

  3. Kim Nam Joo: Again, not the most active drama actress but Misty had a great, badass lead characters complete with awesome power suits. Fashion envy for sure.

  4. Choi Ji Woo also does some great strong characters such as Twenty Again where she takes control of her life after divorce and goes back to college or Woman with a Suitcase. Never strong in the physical sense but independent women roles.

  5. In the same vein, Kim Hee Sun was awesome in Angry Mom, and also heard Lady in Dignity with Kim Sun Ah was a strong female lead drama.

  6. Kim Sun Ah in Children if Nobody, Lady in Dignity, City Hall, I Do, I Do and Lovely Sam Soon

  7. Lee Yo Won in Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi and White Nights was also female centric (though have heard mixed reviews on this one)

  8. Go Hyun Jung in Queen’s Classroom, Queen Seondeok if you’re into saeguk and Return was also supposed to be strong female lead despite alllll the drama around that drama

  9. Lee Bo Young definitely great at picking and portraying great strong female leads (again more emotionally than necessarily physically) in Mother, ICHYV, Whisper, God’s Gift. Even in My Daughter Seo Young her character was quite layered.

  10. Park Bo Young with SWDBS and Oh My Ghostess kind of skirt the cute lead with strong independent lead – more of a cute with spunk and sass type.

Apart from that, female centric dramas tend to have interesting and strong female leads such as Age of Youth, SKY Castle, Avengers Social Club, Ex Girlfriend Club.


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