13 Korean Drama Quotes About Life

Korean Drama Quotes About Life

Stories teach us a thing or two. They echo our inner voice. Korean dramas are no exception. Over the years, they’ve inspired me and million others with amazing dialogue, music and characters.

What makes a drama great is how deeply you’re able to connect with the story. They’ve always inspired, and most likely you. Hence I decided to make some amazing korean drama quotes about life. Hope you like them.

I will add more over time.

I don’t care what you do to me.

I’m going to achieve everything I dream.

itaewon class quotes

There is an Indian proverb that goes.Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station.

Yoon se-ri quotes

So everyone needs to get a hold of themselves and live a good life.

Saying something nice to someone and sincerely helping someone all comeback like this.

No matter what’s making you suffer right now.

Things will settle and pass eventually.

Hang in there until then.

You’ll find yourself stronger.

Deep Korean Drama Quotes About Life

I struggle every time I have to make such decisions.

Indecisiveness is my biggest weakness.

I have a lot of knowledge.

I don’t know when and how it should be used.

I want to live doing the things I like.

And the things I want to do right now.

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