Kishimoto Masashi’s wife was upset that Naruto ended up with Hinata instead of Sakura

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If you’re looking to start a Naruto fan-war, then there’s just one thing you need to do. Start a shipping debate. There’s nothing more controversial than that. To this day, many feel that Naruto deserved to be with Sakura rather than Hinata.

During an event in NYC, Kishimoto Masashi was asked about how he felt regarding Naruto’s controversial ending.

“I actually didn’t realize I caused such controversy.”

It was so controversial that he had trouble in his own house. Kishimoto’s decision to have Naruto marry Hinata prompted his wife to give him a cold shoulder.

“I almost caused a rift in my own household too, because my wife was very upset also that Naruto didn’t get together with Sakura. In fact, she complained quite vehemently to me,” he explained.

“I tried to defuse the situation by assuring my wife that SHE was actually the model for Hinata.”

But it doesn’t end there.Funnily enough, Kishimoto’s editor also chimed in on the backlash.

Jo Otsuki told ANN that “Quite a few of the female staff at Studio Pierrot that produces the anime apparently were also upset.”

While it wasn’t a popular choice. NaruSaku shippers should have seen it coming. Especially, after the Pain arc when Hinata rushed to Naruto’s aid after he was destroyed by Pain. But, that’s not all. Sakura never for once had eyes for anyone other than Sasuke. Right from the first episode until the end, even though she did kiss Naruto (only to save his life) during the great ninja war.
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