Kdrama Where Mc Is A Genius

Kdrama Where Mc Is A Genius

I have been binging on kdramas for a really long time. I get asked a lot of questions. The questions are along the lines of, what are some kdramas with good male leads, kdrama where mc is a genius, among other things.

Hence, making a post on the same. What’s a good kdrama where MC is a genius.

To begin with, most male leads in kdramas are a genius of sorts. But, I’ll list them out for you.

  • Cheese in the trap- Based of a webtoon, this is a must watch. I won’t give more details to avoid spoilers
  • My ID is Gangam Beauty- If you enjoy romcom, you’ll definitely like drama more than anything.
  • Naeil’s Cantabile (Korean Version) / Nodame Cantabile (Japanese Version)
  • Love me if you dare- This is a Taiwanese drama. You’ll definitely enjoy it.
  • Search: WWW
  • Stranger
  • Lawless lawyer
  • Doctors- This is a medical drama starring Park Shin-Hye and Kim Rae-won. Both of the leads are super smart, and go on to do amazing things in the drama.
  • Signal

These are some of the dramas on top of my head. I’ll add more over time. If you did find this useful. Share it withy your friends.

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