Kdrama Sisyphus Quotes

Kdrama Sisyphus Quotes

I have been watching kdramas for sometime now. If there’s one person who’s frequently on new dramas, it is Park Shin-Hye. From Doctors to Memories of the Alhambara, she was perfect in all the roles she played.

Now, she’s back in Sisyphus. A drama which is similar to Memories of the Alhambara, a Netflix original released back in 2015. All of that being said and done, what makes the drama awesome.

The story revolves around an engineer who gets access to dangerous state secrets & is bound by it. Park Shin-Hye arroves from the future to protect him.
The story is similar to Memories of Alhambara is many ways. Which is probably the reason why Park Shin Hye is playing it. With all that being said, here are some of the best Kdrama Sisyphus Quotes.
I have been hoarding these quotes for some time. I hope you like them.

Kdrama Sisyphus The Myth Quotes

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