Kdrama about friendships

Kdrama about friendships

I got this question in my inbox. Which is why I’m answering it here-

Yo!Yoo! Any good kdramas about friendships. I love light hearted friendship themed dramas. Should be high in romance, just the right amount. Like friends.

List of kdramas about friendships-

  • Descendants of the sun- Two great friendships. If you haven’t watched DOTS, you shouldn’t really be reading this list.
  • Doctors- One of my favorite dramas. Both the lead start of as friends, and then things change over the course of the drama.
  • My first first love- This is the korean drama version of friends. A bunch of friends living together in a home, managing their twenties.
  • Romance is a bonus book- Romance is a bonus book revolves around the friendship of an older woman with a younger handsome bloke. Things change after the lead has to go through a divorce, and that’s when the story begins.

If you have more recommendations, add it in the comments below. Love to hear your thoughts.

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