How did Kakashi get the Sharingan?

The copy Ninja, Squad Leader of team 7, an ANBU, the 6th Hokage! There are lot of mysteries surrounding Kakashi, especially Kakashi’s face has been a mystery all along. But he has the Sharingan, but how did he obtain it? Let’s find out-

The story dates back to the 3rd great Ninja war where many heroes emrged and Kakashi and Minato were one of them. During the third great ninja war Minato and Kakashi were assigned a mission near the Kannabi bridge where the Hidden stone was planning something. Minato and pared ways with the rest. Now it was just, Kakashi, Rin and Obito, 3 Hidden shinobi’s started attacking out of nowhere and Rin got captured. They took Rin and went away. They tried to use Genjutsu on her to reveal the details of the mission, but couldn’t. On the other hand, Kakashi and Obito had a small fight, Obito wanted to rescue Rin whereas Kakashi wanted to complete the mission, the reason being his father was blamed for avoiding a mission to help save his friends. Before going, Obito came up with the most famous quote ever-
obito quotes

Obito quote naruto quote

and Obito went away. This quote changed the mindset of Kakashi and he joined Obito, both of them were then attacked by 2 shinobi’s and kakashi ended up injuring his eye. But still, they went to rescue Rin and managed to defeat the enemy, atleast thats what they what. But the worst thing happened, he used a stone collapse jutsu and all the boulders came crashing. Obito helped kakashi run, but in the process he got crushed under one of the boulders. Only half of his body was safe, so he asked Rin to implant his Sharingan into kakashi’s. This is how kakashi got the sharingan and became Kakashi of the Sharingan! With the help of the sharingan, Kakashi finally completed Chidori which was actually an incomplete justu.

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