Does Kakashi get married and have a kid in Naruto?

#3 Kakashi was married but lost his wife

Another theory I came up with is , kakashi was probably married to someone and even had a kid but lost them in an accident. Afterall, it’s Kakashi, he has the bad luck of losing the ones around him quite often. Maybe the same happened with Kakashi’s wife and son when he was the Hokage. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

These were some of the theories I came up with. But before you leave, let me tell you something ” kakashi x sakura fanfiction is shipped the most in the Naruto community. Afterall, who woudn’t want something like this to happen when Sasuke’s away?

PS- I request everyone not to take these seriously. It’s a work of fiction by an otaku for an otaku.


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