Does Kakashi get married and have a kid in Naruto?

The good old Kakashi is intelligent, sexy and strong. What sets him apart from other characters is his ability to assess the situation calmly and plan ahead in advance. He’s a combination of Shikamaru, Obito Uchiha and his father. His strengths aside, he is hardly seen with any women, even though he always reads pervy comics. That brings up the question,  Does Kakashi have a girlfriend? Is Kakashi married? Why in the world is Kakashi single?

To begin with, there are too many questions surrounding the love life of Kakashi. But I’ll try to answer them bit by bit according to my imagination.

#1 Does Kakashi have a girlfriend? 

In the start of the Naruto series, when Naruto and other members of team 7 tried to uncover Kakashi’s mask, they found him hanging out with a woman. That was the only trace of Kakashi with a woman. But that doesn’t mean that Kakashi doesn’t have a girlfriend. What if Kakashi had a girlfriend but broke up with her? What if he chose not to have a girlfriend as he was the hokage? The answers to these questions lie in the future of the Boruto series.

#2 Is Kakashi Gay?

To all the female fans, I humbly apologize for spoiling your fantasy. Isn’t it weird that not just Kakashi but even Guy is single, while all their buddies like Asuma and Obito had love interests? Does that mean both Kakashi and Guy are dating? We don’t know for sure but let’s hope there’s some twist in here. Afterall Kakashi X Might Guy is shipped a lot in the Yaoi community.


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