Kaido’s Immortality Explained ? (Theory)

Kaido’s immortality has been a big fan talk in the One Piece community. So, what exactly is Kaido’s power and how does it make him immortal ?

Then let’s get started already.

Let’s start with some introduction that we already know on Kaido.  Kaido of the Beasts is the captain of the Beasts Pirates and one of the Yonko along with Shanks, Blackbeard and Big Mom. He is also one of the central antagonists of the Dressrosa Saga and the Yonko Saga, being first referred to by Monkey D. Garp in Water 7 and then directly mentioned by Gekko Moriah shortly after he obtained Monkey D. Luffy’s shadow; his title of Yonko was revealed just after the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Moriah at Thriller Bark.

Just so you know it, I am going to base this theory on basic similarities.

Not much is known about Kaido’s powers yet, but let’s theorize his immortality and his powers/abilities nonetheless.

First of all let’s start with what we actually know about Kaido:

Strongest living creature:
Kaido’s know epithets till now are :

  • “Kaido of the Beasts”
  • “The King of the Beasts”
  • “The Strongest Creature”

As you can see above Yonko Kaido has been referred to a beast more than one time. And as for the term “creature” means anything living or existing, in most of the cases distinct from a human being. However, “creature” does not only signifies to animals, but to any living being in most cases.

Kaido is an abnormally large, extremely muscular man, at least three times the height of Eustass Kid, who stands at 205 cm (6’9″). And not only that, he also seems to have light horns curved forward on each side of his head. On his right abdomen, he sports a large, cross-shaped scar, and on the left side he has a black and gold tattoo resembling reptilian scale, going from his chest down the front of his left arm to end with a white skull at the lower forearm. Kaido wields a giant kanabo(spiked/knobbed club) fitting for his size; in conjunction with his immense strength, Kaido can use it to smash adversaries over vast distances.
Now let’s adjourn it here and read about a Japanese folklore


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