9 Inspirational Kai Quotes Absolutely Worth Sharing!

I have been wanting to add more of exo quotes as they’re pretty inspirational and helped me achieve my goal of travelling all over the world. I want to spread the same happiness, therefore I’m sharing some of the best Kai Quotes. I hope you like them, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

#1 Exo Kai Quotes

I’d rather bend than break.

exo kai quotes

#2 Kai Quotes on being a EXO member

Even when we grow old, we grow white hairs. Even when we can no longer dance and sing, even when exo is no longer popular in the future. All I want is to be able to call myself as an EXO member until the very end.

#3 Kai Quotes Study

Don’t make EXO the reason of your study failures. Make us your inspirations, not your destruction because of your obsessions.

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