Kagura karatachi and Yagura: Everything you need to know!

Things have finally started to spiral up in Boruto as Kagura Karatuchi was introduced. When Kagura Karatuchi was first introduced in Boruto, he resembled a meek mouse. Nothing different from all the badass characters we’ve seen till now. But something looked familiar. There was a resemblance to a long forgotten character. Yes, you guessed it right! He had the gleamy eyes and the brown hair of the Fourth Mizukage who once ran the ‘Bloody Mist’ village. During Yagura’s reign as the Mizukage, the village was known as the bloody mist village due to the fact that they held the last man standing death match in their academies. It was cruel, yet was the finest method in crafting powerful shinobis. Everything changed with the arrival of Chojuro, the sixth Mizukage. He converted the village into a tourist destination like none. But the past can’t be forgotten easily afterall. Poverty and crime still existed. 

The genius who knew it all!

Kagura Karatachi, one of the finest swordsmen the Kirigakure produced was all alone and hardly had any friends. Despite his age, he’s a prodigy like no other and was touted to become the Mizukage in the coming years. His Kenjutsu skills are second to none, thus making him the ideal candidate for the Hiramekarei, the sword of the current Mizukage Chojuro. Against Boruto, he was swiftly able to knock him down in an instant despite Boruto being a genius. To add to that, was his showdown with Tsurushi whom he took down with a broken wooden sword in an instant.

KAGURA’S PAST- The dark side.

Even though Tsurushi Hachiya and few others saw him as a friend, everything changed the day he killed his own comrades in a battle. This symbolized that kagura was the grandson of Yagura afterall, the one who terrorized the nation.

He lost sight of who he is and was now scared to wield a blade. He started using wooden swords as the wound was deep in his heart. thirteen years after the fourth great ninja war, he was promoted to Chunin. He also went on to become close to the Mizukage and one of the seven swordsmen of the Mist. Chojuro, ultimately wants Kagura to succeed him a the Mizukage.

Why did Kagura kill his friends?

As of now, we can only speculate with the available information. So, let’s speculate-

  1. Prodigies, when given a chance at their interest, go all out. They lose sight of all the things around them and immerse themselves in the zone. Until they complete the task given at hand, they can’t snap out of it.
  2. He probably grew up hearing stories about how great his grandfather was and hence wanted to become like his grandfather.
  3. He was influenced by the villagers. As we saw in the latest episode of Boruto, there are many people who still believe that it’s the good old Bloody Mist village. Hence, he was probably advised by his seniors to follow them.

Both Kagura and Yagura are similar. They hold the aggressive style, are ruthless when given the blade, have a softer side when they’re alone and the most likely Yagura will succeed Chojuro as the Mizukage. Regardless, he will become one of the finest Mizukage we are ever going to see, not because he’s incredibly powerful but because he is finally able to see the two sides of Kirigakure.

I hope I was able to tell you something about Kagura and Yagura. If you’d like to add anything new, let me know about it via the comments section.


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