Itaewon Class Wallpapers

We are getting lot of kdrama originals on Netflix offlate. 2018 was pretty good, 2019 was better, but 2020 tops it. With Itaewon Class, we are blessed with another webtoon.

First Love Alarm came about, now this. There’s more coming in the future. Something tells me, that the future is exciting.

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Itaewon Class Wallpapers HD

Itaewon Class recently came out on Netflix. Hence I decided to share some of the best wallpapers from the series.

Hope you guys like these wallpapers. If you do, then do support us by sharing these on Pinterest. Also, make sure to check the thread out in the future. As I’ll be adding more wallpapers in the future.

This wallpaper is from the time Park Sae Ro-yi came back. There’s something beautiful and heartwarming about this moment.

Itaewon class lockscreen wallpapers

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