Will Itaewon Class Season 2 Release ?

As of writing this, there has been no news on Itaewon class season 2. As it depends on lot of things including the popularity, the story among other things.

But let’s hope we get another season of Itaewon class, as the drama is too good. If an announcement is made, we’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as possible.

Itaewon Class review

Personally, I enjoyed every bit of the drama. The drama had everything. Amazing cast, storyline and music. I particularly enjoyed the OST “Start over” by Gaho. The acting too was sublime. The perfect and attention to detail in everything was surreal.

With that being said, my favourite part about it was the inclusivity. Itaewon class did a splendid job bringing in a black actor, and showing the challenges he faced on a daily basis as a foreigner in Korea.

Not to forget, the drama tackled issues like racism among others in sublime fashion. If you are looking for a drama where the story of the protagonist revolves around taking on the world, then this drama is perfect.


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