9 Itaewon Class Quotes Wallpaper Absolutely Worth Sharing.

I’m The Diamond Poem Itaewon Class

I’m a rock. Go ahead and sear me. I won’t budge an inch because I’m a rock. Go ahead and beat me up. I’m a solid rock. Go ahead and leave me in darkness. I’m a rock that will shine all alone. I don’t break, ash, nor decay as I go against nature’s way.

I survive. I’m diamond.

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Itaewon Class Quotes Wallpaper

I’ll try harder.If you give me sometime.

It tastes really good.It’s really good.

You look prettier with black hair sis. Really pretty.

This quote is a proof for hard work eventually pays. In this scene, Hyun-Yi is given a second chance to prove herself. Not to forget the trust from Park Sae-Ro Yi.She makes good use of the trust. After repeated tries, she finally get the recipe right. Jo Yi-So was forced to eat her own words. This Itaewon Class quotes about business is one of my favorites.

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