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Itaewon Class Park Sae-ro yi Quotes

What bothered me was when my dad got fired just because I stuck to my principles. It was when my dad passed away due to a hit and run and the truth behind his death was covered up. I already collapsed once.

The reason I was able to get back on my feet was because I wanted to get revenge, and before I achieve that, I will never be happy.

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Itaewon Class Oh Soo-ah Quotes

I don’t know what to do or whose side I’m on. I feel so two faced.Don’t get swayed.You don’t need to be on anyone’s side but your own. That’s fundamentally important.

Sometimes as humans, we are faced with dilemmas. And are forced to take sides. Or for a lack of better term, make decisions beyond our ken.These are the moments, we suffer. But having our loved ones by our side will certainly help us move on.

park sae ro-yi quotes

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