Who is Itaewon Class Black Actor Kim Toni?

Itaewon Class Black Actor

Itaewon Class is a not your everyday drama.The drama is a lesson in itself, emphasising the value of standing up for yourself, the need for more inclusivity in the world among other things. The addition of a transgender character and a foreigner made the show more dynamic and extra special from a personal perspective.

Who is the black actor in Itaewon Class?

The black actor in Itaewon Class is Chris Lyon. He plays Kim To-ni in the drama.

Chris Lyon, was raised in Connecticut until the age of 10, when his family moved to Florida. In his early years, Chris had immense passion for music. At school, he was close to a number of Korean foreign exchange students.

Which eventually led to Chris visiting Korea, where he met artists G-Dragon and Shinsegae, eventually moving on to acting. Itaewon Class is in fact his second acting role, the previous one being in the film Mr and Mrs Cops.

With that being said, from a personal perspective Kim To-ni was one of my favourite characters in the entire drama. The way he stood up for himself at the club, the way he bonded with his grandma, the way both he and Park Sae-ro yi stood up against racism despite the odds. Loved every bit of it.

We need more dramas like these. Drama that connects us as human beings. Dramas that are more inclusive.

For those of you out of the loop, Itaewon Class is the story of a bunch of misfits. Together they start Danbam, a pub which takes on Jangga, a mighty corporation in the food business. Over time. they conquer international markets and change the game. Which is what makes the drama so addicting. Combined with great music and cast, the drama is a must watch if you haven’t already. Perfect for the weekend if you ask me.


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