Who was Itachi’s partner before Kisame in Akatsuki?

The Akatsuki is one of the most badass organisations in anime. But, how much do you actually know about Akatsuki? Did you know that Sasori partnered with Orochimaru before Deidara? Probably, no! Coming to the question, who was Itachi’s partner before Hoshigaki Kisame? 

Let me give a clue, he looks like the evil twin of Zabuza Momochi! No idea? It’s  Juzo Biwa, one of the former members of the seven swordsmen of the Hidden Mist!

juzo biwa

juzo biwa

The Akatsuki in the early days undertook missions that the five great shinobi’s d Juzo and Itachi went on many such missions together.

On, one such mission, had to infilter the Hidden Mist and kill a certain person. Even though they completed their mission easily, they were not able to escape from the village Hidden in the Mist.

The ANBU along with the fourth Mizukage pursued them.Itachi along with Juzo was able to successfully tackle the ANBU, but the Mizukage caused some serious trouble and Juzo was knocked down.

Itachi, then stopped the  Mizukage in Bijuu mode with Amaterasu.

itachi using amterasu on mizukage

Itachi then asked Juzo his last wish, which was to die next to his Blade. These were his final words-

I thought my only partner, this guy over here (referring to his executioner’s blade) 


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