Itachi vs Superman: Who’s the real deal?

Itachi vs Superman

Superman and Itachi, two powerful character everyone adores. Comparing them is a total drag, but since one of our fans asked us this question, let’s dig a little deeper into this-

Before I start, let me tell you this, all of this is based on my imagination and calculation. You may have your own concept or theory, I’ll gladly accept it if I think you are right. I hope you don’t come up with hate comments on the site. 


When it comes to Power, Superman has more power than Itachi. He has Solar absorption and healing to his rescue,which means.

Itachi won’t be able to defeat him with Taijutsu as he has less chakra. He might survive if he used Susano.

Itachi’s Susano vs Superman’s Strength:

Itachi vs superman

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