Itachi Uchiha vs Madara Uchiha: Who Is Stronger?

Lately there was a lot of talking about the most controversial character in Naruto manga/series – “Konoha’s Itachi Uchiha”. The question arose whether Itachi could defeat Madara. Basically, who is stronger- Itachi or Madara?

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I’ll talk based only on original manga (I have not read or seen the sidestories).
We know everything about Madara, we know what he’s capable of, we know that he has rinnegan (he’s acquired it before death), the abilities of which we basically know inside out, and we know Itachi knows them too. We know Madara would never say that he is stronger than Hashirama, I bet even if he defeated him with rinnegan he would be like “I didn’t even think it was possible”. And we know why he would say that. He would say that because he’s a paranoic introvert (I don’t mean it offencively, I’m talking about the psychology of his personality) who tries to be strong because he doesn’t trust anyone exept Hashiarama. Madara is a very vulnerable labile soul because of his misstrust to everyone. If Naruto had time to talk to him he would make him cry far more than he made Nagato. Madara may be almost undefeatable by strength or jutsu, but the “talk-no jutsu” (as we love to call it) can destroy him (of course it needs a talker of at least Itachi’s or Naruto’s callibre, if even Hashirama wasn’t able to talk any sense into him). Basicly we know Madara very well, we know all his jutsu, his style, his won and lost battles, we know he’s suuuper strong and suuuper self-confident.

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What do we know about Itachi? We know that his eyes are inferior to Madara’s eyes, his Susanoo is not that strong because he doesn’t have eternal mangekyo sharingan, and he has the two weapons one of which makes you simply almost untouchable and the other can seal anything for eternity. But of course Itachi’s stamina and chakra level are far less then Madara’s so he can’t use his Susanoo as long as Madara can which is quite a big dissadvantage. We know quite something about Itachi form others – we know from Hiruzen that Itachi’s reasoning was like a hokage’s at the age of 7. That says quite a lot, to think like a kage is a whole other level, which cannot be acquired by just a battle experience (which Madara probably had more than Itachi). Itachi is intelligent, which Madara is really not, even Hashirama is not really that much intelligent. Itachi was a pacifist who didn’t really have friends or enemies (after the death of Shisui, of course). We have seen his briliant mind which had planned things years before they happened. And then there is the other side, which is more interesting. Nobody has ever said anything about what Itachi is or isn’t capable of, we have never seen him fight in his full strength a life and death fight (I hope we all agree that fight with Sasuke was not a life and death fight for Itachi, in fact everything went how he planned it to be). We haven’t seen any unplanned battle of Itachi’s, I mean a battle which he wasn’t expecting so that we could see how he fights without having everything prepared beforehand. He never opened to anyone about himself so that we could know what he himself thinks of his strength, we don’t even know how much did Shisui know about Itachi. Itachi’s main strength in the battle is his cool-mindedness (which we definitely can’t say about Madara 😀 ), which I’d count like three or four kage-level jutsu. (If you have had an argument with anybody or played a chess, you know what I’m talking about.) Having a cool mind while being able to make your opponent angry is an advantage like no other (Kakashi fans know what I mean 😀 ).
Basically we have no idea about what Itachi is really capable of. We know what he can do, and we know he can do more, but we have no idea how much more that is.

If Itachi was alive, or if his edo tensei wouldn’t have dissappared, we can be pretty sure that he definitely could have come up with a strategy to defeat Madara (he would be a different level comander compared even to Shikaku). There’s no doubt about it. If Itachi showed up with the four hokage, the war would have been over in minutes.

As for the one on one combat. Itachi is a real master of minds what we saw in a battle against Kabuto. And Madara is really a Kabuto-like personality of a simply different calliber (I don’t compare Madara to Kabuto, I know Madara would smash Kabuto like a beatle, I just compare the psychology of personalities). And I am sure that Itachi would have a battle planned aforehead. I can’t say for sure but I believe that Itachi is capable of defeating Madara in a quick planned battle. I do believe that master of the mind is superior to master of the strength, and cool-mind is superior to self-confident. selfish and quicktempered mind. Self-confident mind is far easier to disstract and catch off guard, because it is more careless. (I think a good comparison came to my mind, we can compare Itachi vs Madara to Third Raikage vs Naruto 🙂 ). And well the mirror, if it is what they say it is, then imagine for yourselves dodging and countering shinra tensei in an instance, dodging and countering all the possible jutsu, is that even imaginable? And it is in hands of really the wisest character possible (I hope nobody would dissagree that Madara is not as clever as Itachi).


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