10 Reasons Why Itachi Is the Most Underrated Shinobi!

Itachi was underrated. For starters, let’s put the whole Itachi was Madara debate aside and look at Itachi’s achievements.

  1. He was able to use the shadow clone perfectly at the age of 5.
  2. Itachi was the youngest ninja to ever join the ANBU black Ops.
  3. He took on his whole clan single handedly despite knowing the risks. I do know Obito played a part in this, but he did go up against a whole clan.
  4. Itachi possessed Hokage level maturity at a very young age. If the Uchiha clan wasn’t annihilated, he would’ve become the fifth Hokage undoubtedly.
  5. He destroyed the famed Kakashi Hatake with a single look. What’s interesting is, Kakashi couldn’t get up for days.
  6. He knew the village inside out, right from the dirty work Danzo did to the coup d’tat in his clan.
  7. He was a visionary, the fact that he placed a crow in Naruto for the future speaks volumes.
  8. He was able to overturn his reanimation and successfully destroy Kabuto for eternity.
  9. He anticipated every single move of his opponents even before they had it in sights.
  10. He trapped Orochimaru in a Genjutsu and spared his life for the sake of Akatsuki.

Last but not the least he was wise, calm and knowledgeable. This alone made him a badass.

What if Itachi was made the Hokage before the coup d’etat? – The RamenSwag

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