Is Taketori Houki Related To Kakashi?

While there are lot of rumors regarding Houki’s connection with the Hyuga, the chances are pretty slim.

One theory goes on to say that Houki was gifted the Byakyugan by a Hyuga clan member, while it sounds interesting, the chances are pretty slim considering how little the show has developed over the last two years.

Do we know anything about Houki’s parents?

As of now, there has been no news, but let’s hope that we can know more. Houki might be Kakashi’s adopted son, or maybe he’s the love child of Kakashi and he did not reveal it to protect him from his enemies.

We all know that Kakashi did in fact kill lot of shinobis, so the chances are pretty high. But again, why did he wear a mask? We don’t know for sure

With this blog, my idea was to dig a little deeper into this theory and try to find out something about Houki’s parents. I will be updating the column in the near future.

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