Is Taketori Houki Related To Kakashi?

Taketori Houki

Houki Taketori resembles Kakashi from head to toe. He has brown hair and a purple eye with the other being covered by the headband just like Kakshi Hataki, the sixth Hokage of Konoha.

But is Houki related to Kakashi? Who are Taketoru Houki parents? Is he related to Kakashi in any way? Let’s find out-

Before going into the details, let’s learn about the Taketori clan.

The Taketori Clan

The Taketori clan is one of the lesser known clans in the narutoverse. But, what’s interesting is the fact they are allied with the Hyuga clan in many ways and have close connections to them.

This should make things interesting as recently there was a theory on whether Houki Taketori is from the Hyuga clan or not?

Is Houki Related To Kakashi?

Although the mask isn’t common in the Konoha, a fair number of shinobi did wear masks in the pre Naruto era. Houki covering his left eye with his headband makes it obvious he most likely idolises Kakashi.

houki taketori kakashi

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