Is Lelouch Alive ? (A Detailed Theory)



Lelouch is alive and all set in the midst of the world maybe pretending to be totally somebody else, trapped in eternity with C.C as his companion. Of course we can’t expect him to show himself up again after successfully accomplishing the Zero Requiem. And yeah, earlier the article spoiler you read at the top is correct beacause “LELOUCH IS DEAD FOR THE PEOPLE DUE TO THE ACT OF ZERO REQUIEM” but he exists though.


That’s it for the list ? Nah, not at all. This is just an opinion, this can be deadly wrong or this might have hit the strike zone. Also the ending of Code Geass is an Open-Ending where the viewers get to decide what they really want with the storyline. Also request us more such content and we will get it done in no time.


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