Is Lelouch Alive ? (A Detailed Theory)

Some Significant cruxes During/After Lelouch’s Death:

1. When Lelouch falls near Nunally, she takes his hand and realizes that he had sacrificed himself on purpose of her dream & world peace.

  • How did she realize it ?

2. During the epilogue, C.C. is seen traveling the countryside in the back of a cart with Cheese-kun and a origami (art of paper folding). She says “The power of kings, known as Geass, brings one solitude. Not quite accurate, is it ? Right, Lelouch?”

CODE GEASS R2 - 25 - Large 50

  • Why did she use “Right, Lelouch?”
  • Why was there a Origami at the back of the cart ?
  • Who was riding the cart ?


As everyone knows it, in the Sword of Akasha Lelouch turned the gods against Charles, destroying him and Marianne in the Sword of Akasha. It’s also quite significant that Charles had gained an immortal code to resurrect himself after killing his brother V.V.

Lelouch on the other hand had killed Charles(obliquely though) and it can be interpreted that Lelouch got the Code from Charles, meaning; he is immortal. That’s why Nunally was able to experience Lelouch’s memories and come to understand/know the Zero Requiem which was played in order to facilitate world peace by focusing all the hatred on Lelouch. Only people who have the Code of Immortality can pour their consciousness in others.

For instance,  Suzaku was shown images of his father (whom he murdered) as well as parts of C.C.’s memories, driving him into a panic when in a physical contact with her. Thus with this instance as a faculty it is quite clear that Lelouch had the Code of Immortality. He had the Code of his father and the Geass given to him by C.C, he got these from two different people so having a Code and a Geass at the same time did not have a perilous effect on Lelouch and it also made him one-and-only “Code Geass” user; the title itself says it.

One more significant factor that can be decisive here is the Origami in the back of the cart. The stress indicated on the Origami is important as Lelouch used to make those for his sister Nunally. It is natural for Lelouch to have or make something that would constantly remind him of his beloved sister. Origami and C.C don’t go hand and hand with each other; but Lelouch, Origami and C.C do stunningly well.


C.C must have an attachment towards Lelouch after all the time she had spent with him. So it would be too much thought provoking to see her hang around with another man after Lelouch’s demise because his death is sure to have a big impact on her. And if at all she was talking “about” Lelouch at the back of the cart, why do her words seem like she is asking a question to him? It’s because she was not talking “about” him, rather she was talking “to” him  while he was driving the cart; Lelouch was the driver of the cart.



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