Is Lelouch Alive ? (A Detailed Theory)

Code Geass is an epic anime with an unpredictable plot. The story intrigues the viewer right from the start but leaves everyone in a state of incertitude at the end, solely because of this question “Is Lelouch Alive Or Dead?”.


Then let’s get started already. A spoiler of this article: LELOUCH IS DEAD…………..also take the poll at the end of this article to know what others think……..


A Quick Recap:

After Lelouch arranged the public execution of the Black Knight leaders and the U.F.N. representatives, Suzaku (disguised as Zero) interrupts and kills Lelouch hence effectuating the final phase of the Zero Requiem. This went as planned and Lelouch was able to direct all the hatred of the world onto him and hence his death served to facilitate peace.



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