Is Kashin Koji Jiraiya?

Is Kashin Koji Jiraiya?

No, Koji Kashin is not Jiraiya. He is a clone of Jiraiya which was created by Amado for the sole purpose of killing Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. As a member of Kara, he was in charge of the sector on the outskirts of the Land of fire.

Is Kashin Koji stronger than Jiraiya?

Yes, Kashin Koji is stronger than Jiraiya.

Unlike Jiraiya, he is very adept when it comes to using the fire jutsu.

Not to forget, he can use Jiraiya’s needle Jizo ( spiked hair jutsu).

He can activate the perfect sage mode. Which alone makes him like 10X stronger.

Furthermore, he can even use the Rasengan.

Who is more powerfulJiraiya or Kashin Koji?

Last but not the least, all of the toad jutsu is under his belt.

But what makes him better is the fact that Kashin Koji is a cyborg. Which means, there are no dimensions or horizons his powers can’t expand to. All of it depends on how Amado decides to use him in Boruto.

Will Naruto meet Kashin Koji?

As of writing this, Naruto hasn’t met Kashin Koji. Which makes the story interesting. If they do, the match up will be one of the best fights in a really long time.

Is Kashin Koji a villain?

Kashin Koji is a villain. He works as an inner for the organization Kara, which naturally puts him in the Akatsuki category.

Is jiraiya really Kashin Koji?

No, Jiraiya is not Kashin Koji as stated above. Kashin Koji is a clone of Jiraiya.

With all that being said, Boruto is finally getting interesting. Considering the fact that there were over 60 fillers up until now, which made it really boring.

What do you guys think of Kashin Koji? Do let me know about it via the comments below. Personally, I feel he’s the most badass character I’ve seen in Boruto up until now. As I haven’t read the manga.

For those of you not following the anime, I highly recommend it. It’s fantastic for once, and you’ll get to see Boruto activating his Karma as seen in the movie.


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