Is Haise Sasaki Kaneki Ken?

Tokyo Ghoul, a dark fantasy manga by Ishida Sui, was  adapted into an anime in 2011 and it got it’s second season three years later. The fandom can finally rejoice as after 4 long years, the anime is back on screen.
Back in 2015, Funimation teased fans with a trailer of Tokyo Ghoul Re, turns out it was the trailer for a game. Moving ahead, in February 2017 they released the trailer for a live action movie.
It took quite a turn but the anime is finally here well and good. One of the questions the anime posed was Is haise kaneki? 

The season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul begins with four quinxes taking on a taxi driver while looking for a ghoul named Torso. Turns out, he was not their target, and ended up being arrested.
Regardless we got a glimpse of what a quinx is capable of. A Quinx is a combination of human and ghoul. The best example of a Quinx is Kaneki.

Is Haise Sasaki really Kaneki?

As the episode went ahead, we got to see four quinxes with one having a close resemblance to Kaneki. At first I believed it was Kaneki but the weird personality made me give up on it. Is Haise Sasaki Kaneki Ken? Yes Kaneki is Haise Sasaki

Before getting into detail about Haise Sasaki let me just go back in time and remind you what happened to Kaneki. In the manga he was defeated by a ghoul instructor and was stabbed through the head twice.You don’t survive a head stab unless you’re a ghoul.

Now back to Haise…..

Haise Sasaki works as a CCG ghoul investigator. His team consists of Tooru, Urie, Shirazu and Saiko who’s always behind promotions. Together they’re called the Quinx.The whole squad has built in Kagune that doesn’t require them to eat flesh. They use it for fighting purposes.

Haise acts like a parent to them even though the juniors hardly care. He cooks for them, does household stuff and everything else a parent actually does. But what makes him the most interesting character is his psychological state of mind. While chasing a ghoul named Torso, he got into a fight with S rated Orochi, which almost pulled him into his old form, but he resisted for the sake of his friends. What does this prove? Haise Sasaki is Kaneki.

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