I’m not able to watch Anime. Not sure why

It’s been a long time since I finished an anime. I love anime to bits. I still watch clips on Youtube, or listen to OSTs occasionally, yet I no longer feel the urge to watch Anime.

I’m not sure why though. Might be because my senses are nulled at this point in life. I feel there’s too much going on. Which is causing this issue.

Over the years, anime was one thing that stayed constant with me in my life. During my tough times, happy times and when I was bored. From Death Note, Naruto to slice of life anime like Sakurasou no pet no kanojo.

I wish I could watch more anime. I did watch Korean drama for sometime. But haven’t watched a new one in a long time. I just can’t feel it anymore with shows and anime. I’m trying to find a reason. But, still find it hard to articulate it to anything particular. What if my senses have been nulled from staying inside for too long?

I don’t know. If you any of experienced anything similar. Let me know.

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