How to get your friends to watch kdrama

How to get your friends to watch kdrama

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I have been watching Kdrama for sometime right now. Since a lot of them are on Netflix, it’s tough not to pay attention. Up until now, I have seen Love from another star, Doctors, Memories of Alhambra, Crash Landing on you, Descendants of the sun, My first first love, Romance is a bonus book among many.

Even though, I wasn’t sure if I’ll enjoy them. I just watched them, and surprisingly enough I did enjoy them. The music, and introduction to a different culture is what got me hooked.

I enjoyed it is all I can say. How do we get more people into Kdrama?  How do I convince my friends to watch Kdrama? That’s a question I recently got. Hence, decided to answer that first.

How do I convince my friends to watch Kdrama?

  • Slide into their DMs- Use memes/drama vids while conversing with them. There’s a high chance, I’ll google or ask you about the drama.
  • Share funny vids from Kdramas on instagram once in a while. For anyone to get hooked onto something, they need to find value, meaning, humour or relatability. This is important.
  • Watch a Korean movie during movie nights/sleepovers. Also, make sure the movie is a top one so they get hooked. Some Korean movie recommendations- My Sassy girl, Parasite among others.
  • Use kdrama phrases while talking to them.
  • Talk to them about dramas. And how they’re different from regular stories.
  • If they’re into Kpop, make them watch a drama in which their idol is starring. For example, Park Chanyeol stars in Memories of the Alhambara.

If you have more ideas, do let us know about it through the comments. More than happy to hear about your side of the story.

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