How to get your family into Anime?

How to get your family into Anime?

How to get your parents to watch anime?

Be me. Be 16. Be obessed with anime.

Parents got worried since I was watching it in all my free time.

They sat me down and said I had to stop since I’m not a kid anymore.

I decided to get them obsessed with anime like me. So I laid a trap.

My parents are obsessed with CSI. They love to talk about what the criminal should have done to get away with it.

I promised my parents I would stop watching anime in the car and after dinner but they would have to watch 8 episodes of Death Note with me and then tell me they still think anime is for kids.

They think it’s a dumb idea but agree to.

They talk about how unrealistic it is at first.

Then they say Light should just pretend to be an idiot instead of a genius. I point out it’s about the pride of a criminal who thinks he’s above the law.

Cue an hour long heated discussion between my parents and me.

We get to episode 8 – the legendary potato chip episode.

I ask them if they still think anime is for kids. They say it’s too early to tell. Then we watched every episode that was out.

Then I showed them Ghost in the Shell


Then I showed them Gurren Lagann


Then I showed them Paranoia Agent

Before I moved away, we would watch anime together after dinner most nights. When I come home for holidays or to visit on weekends, we still will watch a show or two side by side with whatever American show is most popular at the time.


My parents are watching Psycho Pass season 2 right now and are flipping their shit over Kamui and Akane.


They now watch more anime than me.

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