How To Convince Your Friend Into Watching ANime!

I’ve been watching anime for over 6 years now and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. But if there’s something that I can takeaway then it’s the values, emotions and the laughter. If you ever need to convince your friend into watching anime here are ways using which you can-

  • Bet- Nothing makes a man greedier than cash. If your friend is a greedy whore, then bet some cash and make him watch an anime. There’s a high chance he’ll start watching. Ofcourse, it all comes down to how truthful your friend, but again that is your own problem.
  • Slip some anime into his/her thumbdrive. This was what happened to me when I made fun of my friend. He slipped Naruto onto my thumb drive and here I am six years later blogging about it. Cool, isn’t it?
  • Make him or her watch AMV/MAD’s. Anime Music Videos or AMV’s as they’re popularly known comes with just the best scenes. Making them watch an AMV is always a good way to get started. This technique works with people who are into romance or comedy.
  • For the hardcore fans, i.e people who love action, you can put up a good fighting trailer, like the one from JUMP recently which went viral. It surely did the trick when I tried on my nephew.


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