How To Convince Your Friend Into Watching ANime!

How To Convince Your Friend Into Watching ANime

I’ve been watching anime for over 6 years now and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. But if there’s something that I can takeaway then it’s the values, emotions and the laughter.

If you ever need to convince your friend into watching anime here are ways using which you can.

Bet– Nothing makes a man greedier than cash. If your friend is a greedy whore, then bet some cash and make him watch an anime. There’s a high chance he’ll start watching. Ofcourse, it all comes down to how truthful your friend, but again that is your own problem.

Slip some anime into his/her thumbdrive. This was what happened to me when I made fun of my friend. He slipped Naruto onto my thumb drive and here I am six years later blogging about it. Cool, isn’t it.

Make him or her watch AMV/MAD’s. Anime Music Videos or AMV’s as they’re popularly known comes with just the best scenes. Making them watch an AMV is always a good way to get started. This technique works with people who are into romance or comedy.

For the hardcore fans, i.e people who love action, you can put up a good fighting trailer, like the one from JUMP recently which went viral. It surely did the trick when I tried on my nephew.


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