How To Become Itachi Uchiha?

Become Itachi Uchiha

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If there’s one person in the Narutoverse who was selfless, then it’s Itachi Uchiha. He didn’t expect anything of anybody and did what was asked for him.

On the contrary, everyone was self absorbed with their own dreams including Naruto. There are lots of things we can learn from such a great shinobi.

To add to it, I often get this question from fans on asking “How to be like Itachi Uchiha” , hence I’m answering this question-


Have you ever heard of the story of the rainbow crow?

Itachi’s summoning jutsu was inspired from this story. The story is about a beautiful crow with rainbow feathers and a beautiful voice. Ironic?

During winter, the rainbow crow’s friends were cold and wanted something that can keep them warm. One of them mentioned how “Fire” might help them without knowing the consequences.

So, to help his friends, the rainbow crow flew to the heaven to find god. When he met god, he asked him for fire. God gave him a fire torch coupled with a beautiful smile.

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