How many season does Hunter x Hunter have?

How many seasons does Hunter x Hunter have?

Hunter X Hunter has six seasons spanning over 148 episodes in total.

Is Hunter x Hunter complete?

Hunter X Hunter has not finished yet. According to it’s creator, he’s taking a break as the pressure is too much for him. But he eventually plans to continue the series. But there’s no timeline.

Is all of Hunter x Hunter on Netflix?

The first 3 seasons of Hunter x Hunter are available on Netflix. The rest are yet to come. Here’s the complete list of episodes available based on region.

Region Seasons Episodes
Belgium 6 148
France 6 148
Hong Kong 6 148
India 6 148
Singapore 6 148
Thailand 6 148
Argentina 4 75
Canada 4 75
United States 4 75
Germany 4 75
Switzerland 4 75

It’s important to note that Netflix present seasons of Hunter x Hunter is different from Vizmedia Blu Ray release.

The table is a comparison between the Viz Media home release and Netflix.

DVD/Blu Ray Set Episodes Season on Netflix Episodes
1 1-13 1 26
2 14-26 2 27-38
3 27-50 3 39-58
4 51-75 4 59-75
5 76-99 TBC TBC
6 100-123 TBC TBC
7 124-148 TBC TBC

Is the Hunter x Hunter anime over?

No Hunter X Hunter is ongoing.

Hunter X Hunter Watch Order (1999)

  • hunter x hunter season 1 ~ 62 episodes
  • hunter x hunter (OAV)
  • hunter x hunter (greed island OAV)
  • hunter x hunter (greed island final OAV)
  • if you’re talking about the “new anime versions past 2010”…
  • hunter x hunter season 1 ~ 148 episodes
  • hunter x hunter phantom rouge (OAV)
  • hunter x hunter the last mission (OAV)


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