How did Takizawa become a Ghoul?

The waiting period for Tokyo Ghoul: Re was really long, despite that we were all happy considering the fact that we were getting a new season after all these years. In episode five, we all saw that Takizawa had become a ghoul. But how did Takizawa become a ghoul? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Takizawa Seido was captured by Aogiri when they battled CCG and was given to Dr. Kanou, a.k.a one eyed ghoul. Takizawa wasn’t the only CCG investigator, in fact he was one among the many captured. If numbers were to be believed, then around sixty three CCG investigators were captured and were subjected to the ghoulification process. But, alas none survived and he was the only successful product. Just after his surgery, Takizawa was imprisoned by a doctor. Instead of answering his questions, Kanou removed his clothes and showed Takizawa his regenerating arm, implying he no longer was a human. He no longer could live the life he once he had, and CCG is all a thing of the past.

Takizawa was terrified when he saw his deformed limb, he panicked and was desperately look for help. But alas!But Kanou explained all the stages of transformation and how he can make it his own under the right circumstances. He went on to vomit in his cell despite all the explanation and Kanou left by telling him that more tests would be conducted in the future.

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During his transformation Takizawa was repeatedly tortured by Dr Kanou and others. This wasn’t out of spite, but instead to force the development of new cells, which strengthed his body and removed all the lingering weakness from his human side. But, things don’t go always as planned, as the torture destroyed him mentally and physically thus reducing his life span.


  • Houji made Tataras subordinates Yan and Fei his Qunique. So, Tatara took Houji’s subordinate Takizawa and turned him into his weapon. Tit for tat!
  • It was hinted that Takizawa ate his mother. Horrible, I know!
  • He is a SS.

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Kaneki too was subjected to similar torture, but he survived and turned out all right, despite everything. But again, every person is different, not everyone is strong enough to handle trauma. What do you think of the whole process, was it right on Aogiri’s part to do something so horrible or did Takizawa deserve this for being weak? Let’s find out.

Also, if you have something to add about this whole incident, I’d gladly do it. Just leave a comment and I’ll get back you.

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