How Did Kawaki Manage To Run From Naruto?

Kawaki even though a captive in Konoha wouldn’t be given the same treatment as other captives receive. As far as the Konoha is concerned, Kara is after Kawaki for an unknown reason which will be unfolded in the coming chapters. But, then again Kawaki isn’t keen on joining Kara’s group either. Despite being immensely powerful, Kawaki is powerless against the overlords of Konoha.

We all know that Naruto has empathy for the weak. Despite suggestion from others, he refuses to treat Kawaki the same way former Jinchurriki were treated. In order to keep an eye on Kawaki, he uses Shadow clones to watch over him 24/7. To add to that, Kawaki will be staying with the Uzumaki’s, which ultimately leads to Boruto and his feelings.

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