How did Kakashi get the Sharingan?

kakashi injured

kakashi injured

That was a major blow! This activated Obito Uchiha’s sharingan and he managed to kill Taiseki.

obito activates sharingan

After that they entered the cave where Rin was held captive and released her from the genjutsu which was cast on her by the Hidden Stone shinobi. Kakko( partner of Taiseki)  after some hand to hand combat, used the Stone Lodging collapse jutsu. 

stone collapse

A boulder landed on Kakashi and he was hurt, Obito Uchiha protected Kakashi by risking his life this time. A huge boulder fell on Obito and he was crushed.

obito under stone

Since, Obito didn’t give Kakashi any gift after becoming a jounin, he chose to give his sharingan as a gift to Kakashi. He asked Rin to transplant his Sharingan onto Kakashi using her medical Ninjutsu.

That’s how Kakashi got sharingan.

obito and kakashi

Quite a sad ending isn’t it? At times life is harsh, but we need to learn from the past and move on for a better future! Later on Kakashi ends up killing Rin. You may read the story here

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