8 Hikkigaya Hachiman Quotes For Every Loner!

For those of you who haven’t watched Oregairu, but have stumbled upon our quotes, we highly recommend that you watch it. Oregairu is the story of a cynical teen who challenges traditions.The story kicks of with Yukinoishita and Yui Yuigahama in the lead coupled with other teens.

Why, You Should Watch Oregairu if you haven’t already?

How does it feel to be left out when enter your school every morning? How does it feel to be left out when everyone around you is enjoying their lives while you’re stuck doing shit? Did you come to school in Jeep with cheerleaders in the back? ..No? Me neither!

The anime revolves around an anti social cynical high schooler, who has been reject all his junior life and been stamped as gross by people around him. To avoid complications and embarrassment in the future, he decides to embark on a journey as a “loner” . He decided to not make any friends in high school as his ultimate goal of life.

But you can’t remain a loner forever. Everything has time constraints so does being a loner. To avoid the pain of beign rejected, he starts avoiding everything. But things take a u turn when he’s forced to join hands with Yukinoishita another high schooler who is on top of her game yet doesn’t have friends. Together they’re forced to form the “voluntary club” where they’re tasked with solving others problems. Of course, all of this was forced upon them by their teacher Hiratsuka Sensei.

The anime is a fantastic slice of life. It portrays the picture of loners in highscool and clubs it with sweet un-cheasy romance which is often present in most rom com.If you’re a fan of sarcasm, then this anime is for you.

How to be like Hikkigaya Hachiman?

There have been bunch of questions on how to be like Hikkigaya Hachiman. Here’s the reply-

  • Own your shit. You are responsible for your own problem. Nobody else is and learn to take responsibility for your actions.
  • Don’t try to fit in the crowd. The more you try to fit in, the more you lose yourself.
  • Make peace with your past. Your past will definitely haunt you but make peace with it, it’ll help you a great deal.
  • Don’t depend on others. Leeching of others is easy but it takes away your confidence.
  • The only person to whom you need to be truthful is yourself.
  • Learning the art of bluffing in public environments. It surely helps increase your status quo.
  • The art of problem solving. Learn to find the root cause of problems rather than looking for straight answers.
  • Lastly be yourself. Fake people have an image to maintain, real people just don’t care!

This post is dedicated to all the loners out there as we live in a world where people are constantly trying to overwrite your opinions and beliefs with theirs. Remember, you owe nothing to the world and they owe you nothing and by walking down this path in life you are sure to succeed and achieve your goals.The greatest minds of the 21st century were loners, so the next time someone tries to slam their opinion on you, shut them down with Hikkigaya Hachiman’s philosophy or hikkigaya quotes.

If you want me to add more quotes from OREGAIRU, you can request for them in the comments section. I’ll be more than happy to make them with your names. Afterall, oregairu is more than just Hachiman, there’s some beautiful philosophy from Yukino yukinoshita as well.Together Hikkigaya Hachiman and Yukino Yukinoshita form a wonderful world of real world philosophy.


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